Pro konání mezinárodního setkání AA v roce 2021 byly vybrány Lurdy. V této novince se můžete dočíst další organizační podrobnosti k vybranému místu, prostorám, ubytování a zároveň dát pořadatelům vědět váš názor a zájem. Vložené informace jsou psány v anglickém jazyce.


The Biarritz BAB Anglophone Group, organisers of the Annual Biarritz International Convention, were made aware in 2018 of program and fellowship needs in Lourdes. Overseas members/pilgrims to Lourdes visiting the Biarritz Group meetings ‘carried the word‘

Biarritz is located 90 kms west of Lourdes. Transport connections between the two communities are by excellent rail, and road facilities. Airports servicing the two communities are Biarritz, Tarbes, Pau and to a lesser extent Toulouse as well as Bilbao and San Sebastian in Spain.

The Biarritz event organizers have researched available facilities in Lourdes. The year 2021 was selected as a first possible opportunity for an English-speaking International AA Convention to be held in Lourdes [1] preferably in September or October. The year 2021 was selected so as not to conflict with the 2020 AA World Convention [2] scheduled for Detroit Michigan July 2-5, and scheduled regional and national European conventions

A suggested theme for a 2021 Lourdes International AA Convention is „Keep It Simple‘. Potential speakers expressing enthusiasm for the idea have been contacted and are available.

Facilities available in the ‚Lourdes Convention Center‘ include a largest meeting room with seating capacity of 400 suitable for Opening and Closing ceremonies. Three other meeting rooms are available with seating capacities ranging from 50 to 120 and are suitable for scheduled meetings throughout a weekend. Financially the facility would suggest a registration fee of in the 10.00 to 15.00 euro range

Accommodation: Lourdes has a huge and varied hotel capacity and in fact is the city in France with the most hotels, outside Paris. Special AA convention discounts have been negotiated so far with one particular hotel The Astoria Vatican [3] which offers B&B, half-board, and full-board tariffs starting from 31.00/person/night. The Astoria is only 300 meters from ‚The Sanctuary,‘ Lourdes principal pilgrimage attraction. The hotel also includes a 30 seat meeting room available for informal AA Meetings. Other hotels of all standards are available and may be negotiated with for convention special discounts.

Assistance from the Lourdes Tourism Bureau has been offered, and selected tour-guides have been targeted for group tours of Lourdes and the very beautiful surrounding Pyrenees mountain region. The valley at Cauterets was the muse for Alfred, Lord Tennyson when he wrote in 1867/69 ‚The Higher Pantheism‘, and the line ‚Closer is He than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet‘. (Tennyson’s contemporary, French poet and novelist, Victor Hugo, was also inspired by Cauterets and the Pyrenees in his ‚Contemplations‘ and ‚Voyage Vers Les Pyrenees‘)

Lourdes is ideally suited as an International AA Convention venue, considering its spiritual, tourism, and historical attractions, convention facilities and comparatively inexpensive prices. As potential organizers for a Lourdes event, WE ASK FOR YOUR FEEDBACK, and interest in attending a 2021 AA Convention in Lourdes, by contacting us with your input and/or suggestions at Thank you, we will be grateful for all comments and suggestions received. 

Bruce B. GSR
Biarritz BAB Anglophone Group